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(Edinburgh, Scotland.) The Scots are great inventors and have been responsible for logarithmic tables, fax machines, anesthetics during childbirth, linoleum, color photography, pneumatic tires, the thermos, penicillin, the telephone, and antiseptic (thanks to Joseph Lister) among other inventions.

Pneumàtic’s Salvaged Tire Installations Playfully Interact With Barcelona’s Urban Architecture

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The Classic 1932 Roadster Pedal Car - Hammacher Schlemmer - This pedal car is hand built with a chain-drive system, and has pneumatic tires to ensure a more forgiving ride over bumps, while a ball joint steering mechanism provides secure handling. The upholstery and steering wheel cover are hand-stitched leatherette and faithful details include a decorative folded roof cover, a one-piece grill, working headlights, audible horn, and a hand crank parking brake.

How to turn a bald tire into a funky coffee table for a total cost of about $20

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