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The best thing about this list of whole food finger foods is that are very easy to prepare and some require no preparation at all.

65 whole food finger foods for baby

Most BLW first foods are fruits and vegetables which are low in iron. Here is a list of iron rich finger foods for babies 6 months+.

Marcos do desenvolvimento 0-12 meses

Here is fun and interesting infographic about baby development. Physical development happens so quickly from birth to age two. It is important to know the different miles stones for physical development in an infant so you can track their progress.

Great teething chart thanks Dentalcare West

Tooth Arrival Chart - because I'm always trying to figure out when they should be coming in. My boy didn't read this chart. No, he decided to go and get 16 teeth all before his first birthday.


23 Incredibly Helpful Diagrams For Moms-To-Be

The 5 stages of Teething - An illustrated guide. This is kind of funny. & I'm happy to say that Katie was awesome with teething. Incase you haven't noticed the million times I've said it-she had 12 teeth by the time she was

It's All in the Gums!! - Momtastic

How Babies Chew Without Teeth

General timeline of baby teeth eruption. Good for parents! Scarlett is old and just had her first tooth eruption)

baby teeth chart. This way makes more sense to me.  | followpics.co

Easy to understand baby teeth chart - Oh my - at 11 months, my kid already had her 16 month teeth!

30 Unexpected Baby Shower Gifts That Are Sheer Genius

Beaba Multiportion Baby Food Freezer Tray from Williams-Sonoma. You can make baby food in bulk then heat them up individually