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this is what i want for our one year anniversary a nice room for 2 nights and a bubble bath

18 Cosy AF Bath Goals

Bath Home Remedies with Essential Oils


♡♡♡ soaking in a tub filled with Rose Petals, slices of fresh Citrus, a few drops of Lavender Essential Oil, and about a cup of Powdered Milk. (TIP:  I mix the powdered milk with water in a pitcher, then pour it into the tub when I am first running the bathwater.)  The powdered milk is very soothing to the skin, and the bath smells fabulous!  Light a candle and relax for a while...

Detox Bath: Once a week for 20 minutes, sit in a hot bath that contains a handful of Epsom salts, 10 drops of lavender essential oil and half a cup of baking soda. This combo draws out toxins, lowers stress-related hormones, and balances your pH

bath time //

If I had access to a rose garden with a ridiculous abundance of blooms and a fantastic soaking tub I would do something like this.