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Sites that I can't do without as a math teacher (and what's so special about each one!) Links to virtual manipulatives, discovery-based lessons, free graphing software, question prompts, eBooks, and more.... Tons of resources for math teachers

My students love these number puzzles. They are a great way to practice different strategies for adding and subtracting two-digit and three-digit numbers. They help students play with decomposing numbers to build addition and subtraction math strategies for second grade.

Love this activity to really help build mathematical thinking, discourse, and to change how students feel about math. Math can be fun--and the process is more important than the answer!

Today I will share with you how you can set up and organize a math workshop model that will help you reach every student!

Guided math made easy. Everything you need to make your lesson planning as easy as printing and implementing! Each guided math unit contains the same components. The consistency of the components will allow students, as well as the teacher, to become familiar with the routines. Yes, Guided Math can be easy!

CLOVER: Bethel students grab math with both hands | Education | Enquirer Herald - I am going to make this day happen in my classroom!

Math centers can really change your math instruction for the better. This post shares some tips and strategies for getting started with math centers in your classroom.

Concept Sorts--Deep Thinking about Fractions...So many textbook lessons fail to give our students the experiences of deep thinking and quality math talk. Concept sorts DO this--so stop by this blog post to learn more!

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