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Historical replicas for re-enactors and the general public, plus other items made to order.

The Vikings travelled to the East and and were known as Rus by the Slavic peoples

XIX Festival Wolin 2013, Gallery 70 photo 14 by Wikingowie on DeviantArt

At the Ribe VikingeCenter in Denmark, located just 2 km south of Ribe, you can travel back 1000 years in time and experience what life was like for the Vikings. At the VikingeCenter entrance you get a glimpse of what’s inside when you’re greeted by the three Norns whom hold your destiny. The Norns spin your thread of life and know everything about your past, present and future. Admission to the Ribe VikingeCenter starts through the center’s gift shop, which is located in the barn of…

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Tyr the one-handed Viking god, with inscription in Runes wood plaque

Lines from the Havamal in the Poetic Edda, translate as: "The lame man rides a horse, the handless may drive herds... Better blind than to burn on the pyre!" This piece serves as a potent reminder of life's great gift: the power to be and do and act in the world while we yet live, to live fully and boldly, and by our actions make a difference. This same attitude keeps the ravening wolves of chaos firmly bound. Hail brave Tyr, who nobly sacrificed for the good of all!

Whalebone weaving swords, left is from Stokke, Vestvagoy, Nordland, 10th century; right is from Sande, Hadgel, Nordland

Bildergalerie Stühle - die wikinger Holzkunst, Schnitzerei aus Angeln Steckstühle Throne von Reiner van Ophuysen Webseite!

Oseberg Tent Heads - for ours when we make one