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Breakfast in my Tiffany Blue Shoes site full of 52% off #Womens #converse Shoes

So cuteee!! I dont think i would wear them though Fashion pink #converses #sneakers summer 2014

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For a photo I want me in my wedding dress sitting down leaning over kind of hunched over with my legs crossed wearing my converses and then have my arms crossed with my elbows on my thighish area with stilettos in one hand and cowboy boots in the other dangling evenly on each side. And then in another photo that is taken from be hind I will be laying down on my tummy with my elbows on the ground an my chin in my hand and then from behind where the photo is taken I will have my feet up in…

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13 Convincentes razones para usar Converse el día de tu boda

Wedding kicks, I would that, have all my bridesmaids wear converses instead of heels!:)

converse sneakers for weddings | ve been getting lots of requests for Wedding Converse for brides ...

Tiffany blue Converse with Bride Heel Tag / Heel Stripe and Wedding Date

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26 Comfy Wedding Shoes For Brides Who Just Can't Deal With Heels

26 Comfy Wedding Shoes For Brides Who Just Can't Deal With Heels