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"The new war in Iraq has local terrorism experts on high alert. The leader of the insurgent group swallowing city after city there has vowed to bring his war to New York City." After reading this article I only want to be more informed, this is scary.


War Gear Flows to Police Departments

New York Times: June 9, 2014 - War gear flowing into your neighborhood police department

رانندگان تاكسی ترافیك را در خیابان وایت هال در مركز لندن مسدود كردند. آنها در مورد یك سرویس آمریكایی به نام «Uber » كه به كاربران اجازه می دهد با فشردن یك دكمه تاكسی خبر كنند، معترض بودند.

NYPD Pays Largest Occupy-Related Settlement ~ Pub on Jun 10, 2014 ~ New York City is settling a lawsuit by Occupy Wall Street protesters for $583,000, the largest ever amount in an Occupy-related case. The court awarded the record amount after finding the 14 plaintiffs were falsely arrested. On New Year's Day 2012, the plaintiffs were protesting in Manhattan when told to disperse by police. After issuing the order, the officers boxed in the group to prevent them from leaving [...]

Over 100,000 People Found Living for Decades inside Horrifying “Caged City” - Viral Soma – Your Daily Source of Trending Stories and Pictures - Living destitute in these dilapidated and cramped quarters leads to a higher incidence of mental illness and suicide.

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Feds advertised jobs in JANUARY for "escorts" for 65,000 illegal alien children to be "resettled"

Our friends over at Weasel Zippers have done a little digging in the Federal job listings at FedBizzOps, and what they found is incredible. from “ U.S. Immigration and Customs...