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Cook for her guys make something easy that will blow her mind that who knows she might even want to blow yours later that night. Take your mind out of the gutter though lol easy romantic diner or feast DIY Lobster Dinner. Steamed Lobster with old Bay, fresh shrimp clams and muscles with green beans, potatoes and carrots in a boiling steam pot add lemon juice and decorate, my girl was in love with this idea

The 2017 Valentines Day Gift Guide for Her Anyone else feel like the love is lacking just a little bit in the world right now? All the more reason to spread the love where you can. Yes retailers use Valentines Day as an excuse to just try and sell us more stuff but a thoughtful token of affection can help convey how much you happen to love someone. With that in mind here are some gifts that will hopefully give the important woman/women in your life the warm and fuzzies. (photo credit)…

Anyone can be mindful for a moment or two, but developing your mindfulness muscle means that you have to take things to a higher level.

Recipe for Massage Oil for Achy Limbs (the site does sell products but I have not purchased from them, just sharing recipe)

Sugar Beach SAVE PLACE No disrespect to Virginia, but if there’s one place in the world that’s for lovers, it might just be St. Lucia. This thought first crossed my mind at Sugar Beach, a seaside plantation-turned-resort that’s nestled beneath the Pitons, St. Lucia’s pair of iconic rocky peaks. I was lying on a massage bed, indescribably content, while my therapist kneaded homemade coconut oil into my muscles

"Open When..." Bundle of Letters | 20 Things That Will Help You Through Your Long Distance Relationship

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