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it is the ongoing war with what your heart and body want and what your head tells you cannot be. My heart usually wins....and drags my mind along with it.   /wedding-processional-songs-for-brides-bridesmaids

I don't even know if what I know.is even truth or not anymore. So many lies. So much drama. I never imagined it coming to this. I never thought people were capable of such petty things. I wish someone would tell the truth.

Being Made a Fool Quotes | why'd you turn my kiss into a contract?

My head says, "who cares?" but then my heart whispers, "Yo do, stupid.

I know what mine wants...too bad she doesn't want me.

I wish it would just quit though seriously this heart wanting what it wants and will never be able to have!

#Glee - Finn, Rachel & Jesse

- Finn, Rachel & Jesse, Cory Monteith, Lea Michele, and Jonathan Groff