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Your #DailyKickstart: Money is just one form of wealth. Let's also add: reputation + health + integrity + family + wisdom + impact on our world.

Your #DailyKickstart: Distraction is the great destroyer of dreams. Why be busy being busy when you're built to inspire the world?

Your #DailyKickstart: The world aches for more inspiration. Please do your part to bring some on today. You'll make us all a little better.

Your #DailyKickstart: To forget the call on your life to express your best is to leave the world smaller than you find it today.

Your #DailyKickstart: What a disservice to the world to play small with our talent. Really unfair of us to those who would benefit by it!

Your #DailyKickstart: Creativity requires the bravery to adore solitude and savor silence. Your best ideas come when you're away from the noise of a complex world.

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