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Oh my God! And here in America people want disability payments for acute problems!!!

I'm VERY impressed with this man. He would definitely deserve to receive disability benefits in the US; however, he's not letting his disability hold him back!

I'm not in support of this, but I first have to note that 'bringing down' people with a gun as the above comment states is unconstitutional, and also the Holy Bible should ever be used as a weapon in any way shape or form and 'bringing someone down' with it seems fairly violent

Equal opportunities and lower taxes on the commoners? I thought that's what conservatives are trying to get rid of :/

Constitutional Amendments Bookmark | Main Photo (Cover) Easy and to the point for boy's assignments.....

Christian allowances supersedes all The Federal-party offer's Constitutional Amendments Still can't understand the Constitution? Then you REALLY are stupid!

The stupidity of some people is always amazing!

The stupidity of some people is always amazing! Have you seen the horrific comments about Baron, a 10 year old child, from the libs. Can you imagine what an outcry we'd have heard if anyone said anything about the Obama kids after his inauguration!

This is what STUPID looks like...she simply has no knowledge. Never learned any history or any history that wasn't manufactured to keep her stupid. It helps the communist/socialists to keep people stupid

I suggest china, venezuela, cuba?What kind of fantasy world do these people live in? I guess this fool needs to move to Cuba. what a rube !THIS IS WHAT VOTED FOR OBOBO!