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The Green Nudi 2 cm long Nudibranch (Diversidoris crocea) Anilao, Philippines. ... Ilan Lubitz

Ilan Lubitz‎ > MarineBio > Greetings from Anilao. Princess royal. Night Dive. Nudibranch (Ardeadoris egretta)

SEA SLUG Stranger than fiction! Nembrotha chamberlaini is a colorful sea slug, a marine gastropod mollusk first described in 1997. This large, up to 10 cm long, slug is an excellent example of warning coloration. Common in shallow depths, throughout the Philippine Islands and Okinawa. By Ilan Lubitz via Frans de Waal - Public Page FB

Although I am diving in Anilao 5 years and this guy is very big it is the first time to see him. faund today Nudubranch (Dendrodoris tuberculosa)

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