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When Republicans say they "want their country back" this is what they mean.

It works for NASCAR. VOTE the GOP OUT!

Where were the outraged republicans then ?

A field guide to WARMONGERING DRAFT-DODGERS. When war called these REPUBLICANS, they RAN AWAY!! These same Unpatriotic Repukes send our People to War and CUT their BENEFITS!!!!

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Randy Prine on

Take note Speaker Boehner

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Nasty Babushka on

Remember when this liberal Republican was President and corporations paid taxes . He also reigned in Defense Spending...His 1956 platform was like todays Democratic platform... see how far Republicans have drifted to the right of sanity and reality by serving only the 1% and religious fanatics !

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Sly Dude on

Do you think the American people deserve a raise?...#UniteBlue #p2