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One direction funny moments .... This is absolutely adorable, I want a friendship like this ...

Fangoddess, mortal. This is now what I am calling all Percy Jackson fans. WE ARE FANGODDESSES.

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*drools*>> I don't know what looks better the pizza or the boys eating it

Let's take Leo's example...we are gonna pass all the him XD

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I thought the exact same thing when I first saw this scene :'D



Sometimes more than twice... when you're walking in the hallway at school! :)

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Technically, I would be considered a new fan... But I see them for how they are, their goofy, funny, hilariously adorable selves:) So don't treat all new fans like that... Just cause we weren't fans when you were, doesn't mean we don't love them for the same reasons as you. We're part of the 5SOS family too. So chill.

You know I read this and first thought, 'wow, they are all such trolls it's unbelievable' but then I realized, that's it. We've waited like two and a half years for more Sherlock. We're gonna get three more episodes, and that's it. It's gonna end, and we're going to have be put through this mess AGAIN.