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SKATEBOARDER SLAMS! Noseblunt Yank In Fall - Tre Lemmons - http://DAILYSKATETUBE.COM/skateboarder-slams-noseblunt-yank-in-fall-tre-lemmons/ - When life gives Tre Lemmons, he turns around and makes the best of a noseblunt pull in gone bad. If that hand didn't shoot out and stop his rotation, that slam coulda been the end for his melon.... - fall, Lemmons, noseblunt, skateboarder, slams, Yank

Talkin Mob With Trevor Colden - http://DAILYSKATETUBE.COM/talkin-mob-with-trevor-colden/ - In this episode of Talkin' Mob, Trevor Colden breaks down why he loves Mob Grip and pull off a hat trick. Listen to that switch tre whip at 00:47!! Mob grip:... - colden, talkin, trevor

DC SHOES: Matt Miller Shoe - Full Part - http://DAILYSKATETUBE.COM/dc-shoes-matt-miller-shoe-full-part/ - Matt Miller is the definition of a true skate rat, and his debut pro model shoe is more than well deserved. Sit back and enjoy the technical wizardry and massive pop in this video part introducing his signature shoe. More on ... - full, matt, miller, part, shoe, shoes

Nike SB Chronicles, Vol. 1 | Extras | Youness Amrani - - Solid style, fast feet and technical prowess begins to describe Nike SB pro Youness Amrani but as always, actions speak louder. As Chronicles 3 approaches we took a look deep into the hard-drives of lead SB Chronicler Jason Hernandez to pull together Youness's Extras edit. So good. More from Nike - amrani, chronicles, extras, nike, vol, youness

Nike SB Chronicles, Vol. 1 | Extras | Lewis Marnell - http://DAILYSKATETUBE.COM/nike-sb-chronicles-vol-1-extras-lewis-marnell/ - Sadly missed, dearly remembered, always. As Chronicles 3 approaches we took a look deep into the hard-drives of lead SB Chronicler Jason Hernandez to pull together Lewis Marnell's Extras edit. More from Nike Skateboarding Official site: Instagram: - chronicles, extras, lewis, marnell, nike, vol

Magnified: Wes Kremer - http://DAILYSKATETUBE.COM/magnified-wes-kremer/ - Wes is notorious for digging into his deep bag of tricks and pulling out epic surprises. This one is so sick. Keep up with Thrasher Magazine here: http://www.facebo... - kremer, magnified

Pinnytown - http://DAILYSKATETUBE.COM/pinnytown/ - Just before the winter took hold of the East Coast the New Balance Numeric team took a short trip to Boston and New York, in search of the place they call Pinnytown. Shot entirely on Red Digital Cinema. Frames were pulled from the video to accompany a print article in Transworld Skateboarding's - Pinnytown

Skateboarder Breaks Board With Sphincter - http://DAILYSKATETUBE.COM/skateboarder-breaks-board-with-sphincter/ - Kids, don't try this at home. Jonathan Perez is a trained professional. Pulling the pop fake and having you think he's trying the nollie heel nose, Jonathan ... - board, BREAKS, skateboarder, Sphincter

Fakie Bigspin Blunt to Backside Noseblunt Revert - http://DAILYSKATETUBE.COM/fakie-bigspin-blunt-to-backside-noseblunt-revert/ - Check out Dave Bachinsky getting his Slo Mo at the Lincoln Skatepark in Los Angeles, California Filmed by: Arnaldo Rosario Subscribe to his channel: Follow Dave on instagram @DaveBachinsky Follow Arnaldo on instagram @Arnaldizzy SUBSCRIBE - backside, bigspin, blunt, fakie, noseblunt, revert

Real time Cardio workout with Tatianna,...need a pull-up bar or dip station for best results. Tatianna is from Russia, and was a professional figure skater. She also is a certified fitness trainer.