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Backpackers: 13 BEST Places to Work in Australia

After 2 years of travelling and working in the land Down Under, here are the 13 best places I think there are to work in Australia on a working holiday visa {Big World Small Pockets}

Celebrating Christmas in Australia: Holidays Around the World

It’s Christmas week and we’re continuing our Holidays Around the World Series by heading down under to see how they celebrate Christmas in Australia. I’m excited to have Paula from Contented Traveller sharing the Australian holiday traditions with us. Christmas in Australia Christmas in Australia is a little different than in the northern hemisphere as here it is summer. Schools have closed for the 6 weeks of summer holidays, and many people take time off work to take advantage of the…

29 Problems Only Australians Can Understand

Seriously. The majority of the most venomous snakes in the world can be found Down Under. | 29 Problems Only Australians Can Understand

"D is for Down Under" is part of the discover the world children's book series, which are GREAT books for kids. Each book focuses on a different country- Everywhere from Italy, Ireland, America, Canada, etc. Good supplements in a social studies classroom, or to help teach kids about their heritage.

This out-of-this-world spider actually lives down under on the continent of Australia. It's a Green Orbweaver that goes by the scientific name of Araneus praesignis but that's just fancy talk. What it should really be called is the Alien Butt Spider because, well, check out this things tushie! Those false eye spots it has would definitely be a distraction to any would-be predator that's on its ass (hah!).

Musgravite - ~$ 35,000 per carat Its colors range from light olive green, grey, mauve, grey purple and scores an 8 on the Mohs scale, making it one of the hardest stones on earth.