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Earth day preschool craft. Hand print craft. Globe. Planet earth. Recycle. Litter.

Here you'll find a printable pattern for a basic globe showing lines of latitude and longitude and the outlines of the continents. The rest is left blank for you to fill in. That way, your globe can be customized to show political boundaries, climate, physical geography or whatever else you might want to see depicted on a three-dimensional planet Earth.

Art and writing activity for kids on Earth Day. Students fill in the blank: I promise to help the Earth by _______.

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Montessori DIY: Sandpaper Globe

Teach preschoolers about the earth using a Montessori Sandpaper Globe! Here are wonderful DIY plans so you can make your very own Sandpaper Globe.. Children are tactile learners, so the Sandpaper Globe let's them learn the make-up for our planet using touch. They LOVE that! The Montessori Sandpaper Globe lets them see and feel how much of the earth is water and how much is land. In addition to the Sandpaper Globe DIY, there are also geography and geology lesson plans in this article…

Beginning Mapping First Grade- Social Studies- Geography Strand- Spatial Thinking and Skills- Maps can be used to locate and identify places I would use this activity to help the students understand the different levels of mapping, we would look at different types of maps to get to where they live. (Ex: Solar system, globe...) Me on the Map- By Joan Sweeney

Oh my gosh. How stupid can these people be? Learn some science, flat earthers.

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Montessori Continent Map Work

(working link) Geography project for all cycles of Classical Conversations...

A simple way to demonstrate how the earth rotates once a day giving us light during the day and darkness at night.