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Pitties are a lovable group of dogs, and we hope everyone who wants to love and care for one will someday be able to legally do so in their city. On May 3, 2014, Darwin Dogs will be hosting a walk across Lakewood, Ohio with all our dogs, in protest of BSLs, Dogs and their owners are encouraged to wear their green bandanas in support of the Pittie Parade. "Bandanas for Banned Breeds" T-shirts are also available. #BandanasForBannedBreeds

Mobility al Parco dei Noci, evento gratuito Darwin Dog :http://www.qualazampa.news/event/mobility-al-parco-dei-noci-evento-gratuito-darwin-dog/

The Darwin's Dog - a citizen science research project helps researchers understand how dog DNA control the behavior and health of dogs. http://healthypets.mercola.com/sites/healthypets/archive/2016/03/16/darwins-dogs-citizen-science-research.aspx

Is your dog asking questions that aren't being answered? Find out how your dog's questions need to be answered and how not doing so can lead to aggression in dogs.

Why doesn't your dog come when you call them. What's with all the hype around "emergency recall", and how to come up with a better reason for your dog to come when you call other than "just because". Definitely, an....entertaining read. Enjoy!

Via Dr Karen Becker: ..."Dogs with anxiety disorders have trouble processing information and making accurate risk assessments. The actions dog owners take to demonstrate dominance over a misbehaving pet actually result in an already troubled animal feeling betrayed, terrified, threatened and backed into a corner by his human."

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