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'Does my Bum Look Big in this?' - Indiana & Cheeky Reese the Minature Dachshund Dogs

This was my mother's early Christmas present for her grandpuppy, Darwin. She purchased the calendar, but the dog biscuits are HOMEMADE!!! Darwin received his first biscuit last evening when I got home from work. When I left this morning, he was sitting beneath it, nose turned up, whining for another! It is hard to explain the concept of 'advent' to a creature whose brain is located in his belly.

Normal Vital Signs for Dogs

Safe Pet earthquake kit

Safe Pet earthquake kit

5 Dogs Even Bigge Than Thier Owners!

from Berry

Daily Awww: Cats always win on the internet (39 photos)

"The love for all living creatures is the most noble attribute of man." ~Charles Darwin

Hey, I'm James Edward Gray III, but my friends call me Jay. I'm 19 and a model from England. I'm also a bit Irish. I'm outgoing and funny. I have a seeing eye dog, because I'm actually blind. I don't let that stop me, though.

mitologiayleyendas: Demon Dog by ArashRadkia.