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from The Family Handyman

Jigsaw Tips and Essentials

Get the Right Saw For You - It's helpful to think of jigsaws in three categories: For $50 or less, you’ll get a jigsaw that will do its job just fine, but you’ll probably sacrifice features and power. For most DIYers, a saw in the $50 to

from The Family Handyman

Tips for Ripping Wood

Use an 8d Nail as a Third Hand - If you’re without a table saw and need to ripboards with a circular saw, here’s a tip tomake the job a lot easier. Drive an 8d nailthrough the board and into the sawhorse toprevent the board from slipping while yourip it. When you’re done ripping, just pull theboard off the sawhorse, flip it over andpound the nail through and pull it out. Itonly takes a few seconds and eliminatesthe frustration of a slipping board.