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Clara SOURCE - English in WATER AND CITIES --- DE VILLES ET D'EAU Clara, an exceptionally gifted pianist approaching her thirties, spent part of her childhood in Germany, and then another part in Paris with her grandfather who was a composer, arranger and jazzman. After an exhilarating stretch of time split between concerts going late into the night, tours with a rock group, destructive romance and trouble resisting the wiles of drugs, she finds herself needing to get back to her roots and to find herself again…

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Spark - Soins, Sports et Spa

19 juin 2013. Heureusement qu’à Enghien j’ai rencontré Dinah Douïeb, Dina Dynamite. On s’est donné rendez-vous demain. 19 June 2013. Luckily, in Enghien I ran into Dinah Douïeb: Dina Dynamite. She’s breathtaking, and seems to like to mixed things up. We’ve arranged to meet again tomorrow. #ClaraSource #CharlesJosephSource #sourcesofculture #sourcesofeurope # DinaDynamite

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16 février 2014 20H Baden-Baden 16 February 2014 8 pm

Cities Baden,Clara Source,Source Cities,Baden-Baden

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10 novembre 2013 18H Leipzig 10 November 2013 6 pm

History of the House

Welcome to EHTTA and the European Route of Historic Thermal Towns - where you are invited to take the waters! Discover historic towns, full of ancient therma...

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23 juillet 2013. Vichy. Les voici donc tous arrivés, chacun égal à lui-même. La dissymétrie persiste : une complicité tendre entre Clara et Georg. Une hostilité franche entre Clara et Charles Joseph. 22 July 2013. Strasbourg. #ValerySource #sourcesofculture #sourcesofeurope #Vichy #Demeuredhortense #ClaraSource #GeorgSource #CharlesJosephSource

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teatro nuovo

Concerto di Pasqua. I musici di Parma. 4 Aprils 2015. Salsomaggiore Terme Teatro. #Salsomaggiore #Parma #Pasqua #

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Métro Jaurès [2,5,7bis]

2 juillet 2013 11H Paris. Les stations Jaurès et Père Lachaise. J’admire les deux grands B : Brel, Brassens. Les tombes des chanteurs nombreuses. Frank Alamo, Francis Lemarque, Jim Morrison, Mouloudji, Georges Moustaki, Edith Piaf, Michel Petrucciani, Polin un vrai du caf’conc celui-là, Henri Salvador, Alain Bashung, Gilbert Bécaud. 2 July 2013 11 am Paris. Nothing prepared me to stop at stations Jaurès and Père Lachaise. #ClaraSource #Brel #Brassens #Zebda #JeanJaures #Perelachaise