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Photo: Horsehead & Flame Nebulae Technical card Imaging telescope: Skywatcher Explorer 200p Imaging camera: Canon 1100D Mount: HEQ5 Guiding telescope: SkyWatcher 50mm/162mm Finderscope Guiding camera: QHYCCD qhy-5 II Software: APT - Astro Photography Tool, DeepSkyStacker, Adobe PhotoshopCS5 Filters: Astronomik CLS Canon EOS Clip Date: 2016-11-05 Frames: 19x60" ISO 3200 Bortle Dark-Sky Scale: 5.00 Centre (RA, hms): 05h 41m 12.606s Centre (Dec, dms): -02° 12' 32.584" Size: 64.5 x 49.9… | Fashion Tumblr, Street Wear... Fashion Tumblr | Street Wear, & Outfits

However Improbable: "Was that your first kiss since 1945?" "No. I'm 95, not dead."

alexander Henry Fabric Frida's Garden Parchment by the yard

I feel some cushion making coming on. Alexander Henry Fabric Frida's Garden

Chris Young- The Man I Wanna Be~~his voice makes me weak in the knees <3

A Lingua Ignota,meaning unknown language in Latin, was described by the 12th century abbess of Rupertsberg, Hildegard of Bingen, who apparently used it for mystical purposes. To write it, she used an alphabet of 23 letters.

All black everything but I can get down with this merlot jacket ...

Don Omar - Danza Kuduro ft. Lucenzo DonOmarVEVO DonOmarVEVO ·20 videos 941,374 521,139,816 Like 702,196 Dislike 54,606 Uploaded o...

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