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By Mary Hoffman (ed) - Daughters of Time: Mary Hoffman (ed): Books

Day 2: Favorite SPQR Demigod Reyna. Fans pity her cause she has 2 dogs & Octavian to run a camp & city when Chiron has counselors to run a summer camp. I admire her constant strength. I think she is even stronger then Annabeth cause it’s not hard to fight your enemies especially when you have a home to go to or fight for. But to know your own family will fight you & you fight for them is. She’s a Queen from drive not power, that’s better than any princess story, prince included or not.

In 1968 Beverly Deepe discovered a story that could have changed history. It was during the Nixon's campaign for presidency that he was winning by a narrow margin. He was running on the idea that he would be able to end the Vietnam war. When it was announced by Lyndon Johnson that Vietnam was about to see a peace agreement, Nixon sent emissaries that uged Saigon to boycott peace talks. His plan worked, he won the presdiency, and the Vietnam War would continue for years to come.

Prologue: Pieces of History » Burnt in memory: Looking back at the 1973 St. Louis fire

from Atlas Obscura

Venison Jello, 'Mystery Ingredients,' and Other Triumphs of Soviet Cuisine

Arriving in Russia as an American student at the end of the Cold War, during the first years of Boris Yeltsin’s presidency, life revolved around food. As it...

The stories behind classic Soviet recipes from Olga & Pavel Syutkin's CCCP Cook Book

Recipe for Success with Dani Johnson - Health Beauty Life The Show

oxi mono ta gourounia, oxi mono ta PIGS alla kai ta 3 gourounakia - όχι μόνο τα γουρούνια οχι μόνο τα PIGS αλλά και τα 3 γουρουνάκια...