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Spend some time alone to get to know yourself. Then, when you meet the person who makes you cells dance, you'll be sure it, because you're sure of yourself.

you don't just do things. you don't just mess up. you make a conscious choice, stop blaming everything and everyone but yourself.



Pyar manane se nahin milta

So true, I hate girls who beg men to stay with them. Like please if he leaves, he didn't really love you the way you thought he did, don't go begging him to take u back, it's not worth it. rant over.

Women, don't marry a man and expect him to change after marriage. Men, treasure the woman you have in your life all the days of your life.

The problem is women think he will change, he won't. The mistake is men make is thinking she'll never leave, she will. * Just did.



In order to love who you are you cannot hate the experiences that shaped you -quote by Andrea Dykstra