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Tiger Mist Trouble With Us Dress

I am alm9st certain that y9u have all 6een inf9rmed 9f this h9liday. After all, it 9nly seems appr9priate t9 6e kind and c9nsiderate 9f th9se wh9 are ar9und y9u. C9nsidering the trigger warnings 9f 9thers always seems t9 make pe9ple feel a 6it 6etter a69ut themselves and the w9rld. S9, it w9uld 6e highly appreciated if every9ne w9uld take their time t9 participate in this kind and c9nsiderate h9liday.

I saw a web just like this one the other day. Bejeweled with rain and glinting with the morning light. I wonder what your wondrous path will lead you to today?

Sergio de Camargo | Relief No.320, 1970 painted wood. // About light and shadows.

Mean, moody and magnificent!! by bigcatphotos UK, via 500px

"All of these lines across my face. Tell you the story of who I am. So many stories of where I've been. And how I got to where I am..." -- Brandi Carlile