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The sun by Dave Walli. Made with #Bazaart -

Sun activity, Oct. 22, 2011. It looks like the most awesome bow you've ever seen, doesn't it?

X-class #Solar Flare on March 29, 2014 #nasa #space

Moon obscuring the Sun, with Venus on top

Annular Visions: the 2012 Solar Eclipse

Witch's Broom Nebula: The Witch's Broom Nebula is also part of the famous Veil Nebula complex, this being the western portion. The entire complex is the remnant of a powerful supernova explosion which occurred thousands of years ago, sending elements forged in the destroyed stars core into space. The bright star is 52

A visualization of Earth's South Pole and Antartica from NASA. Posted by Stuart

Black Marble - Americas by NASA Goddard Photo and Video, October 2012.