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// Fc: Caitlin Carver// Hello, I'm Sarai (( Sa-ri)) Willeduit. I'm 19 and a 8 from Dominica. I was originally born in New Asia, but both of my parents are Illean. They moved to New Asia to experience the culture. I never truly enjoyed New Asia. The culture and the people, they just weren't me. When I was 14, I enrolled for the chance to move to Illea. I was ecstatic when I was chosen to come here. I came here on my fifteenth birthday. But it was hard. I knew absolutely nothing about the…

Caitlin Carver At the Paper Towns film premiere, New York

Hello, I'm Calia Tanner. I'm 19 and a 3 from Honduragua. I was born in Brazil but came to Illea to have an arranged marriage with a three from Angeles. Things fell apart quickly and we divorced. I kept my caste and went to college. I currently major in paleontology. My family hasn't spoke to me since I got divorced. But maybe if I remarry, the prince to be exact, we can restore our once close family.