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Second round of my Easter cupcakes ! Used a star tip instead as the grass tip was frustrating me!

Chocolate cupcakes with vanilla bean buttercream

A classic combo, chocolate and vanilla pair perfectly in these rich and tender chocolate cupcakes topped with a dreamy vanilla bean buttercream

Tadaaaaa 2 hours of non stop piping, a fuzzy bear! Love love the furry effect of the grass tip! This teddybear cake was demolished at work with people going for seconds! This was the most funnest cakedecoratingclass I had to date!

My first baking at my own kitchen! Was meant to make lemony cupcakes but alas no traces of lemon appeared even tho half a lemon was squeezed! A whole one the next time... Also was disappointed with my butte rcream that went all soft and melty. Using my new wiltontip , I was more annoyed than excited ! I was meant to do roses but end up doing yellow hydrangea . The leave tip turned out good. To more practice this year!

I should really take the time to take a nice photo of my baked goods before I present it to mates who will consume them in a heart beat! Happy on how my golf cupcakes turn out especially the texture of this honeylemon frosting . The grasstip worked really well here!

Phew making 2 dozen cupcakes was actually tiring but nevertheless the end results was satisfactory. Blacktea cupcake with honeylemon buttercream frosting , an encore of one of my favourites, turn our lovely indeed. First birthday cupcake was a hit with both adults and kids! Happy birthday my dear Lewis and may you have many more happy birthdays and make sure your lovely parents invite me to them!

The first of my many christmas cupcakes ! First one using my snowflakes fondant plunger which was quite tricky to use . Made cute Santa cupcakes using fresh strawberries. Yummy strawberry cupcakes with strawberry creamcheese frosting . More chrissy cupcakes to come!

Ahhh not my best decorated cupcake to date but hubby like the taste of both english breakfast cupcake and the honey lemon cream cheese frosting . Recipe from . The cupcake toppers made it look cute!

My first ever attempt at royal icing. Didn't realise how simple it was. Need to practice putting it on the cupcake nicely. Used the wilton tip 224 as drop flowers but didn't panned out as planned. Mocha cupcake with mocha frosting and fondant flowers.