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37.97 Nepheline Syenite 30.38 Dolomite 18.99 Lithium Carbonate 12.66 EPK 0.06 Chrome Oxide

Like the traditional potter's glaze that inspired it, Albany Slip Brown is fluid and butter colored where thick and russet where thin. Great layered over or under other Potter's Choice glazes.

AMACO Potter's Choice layered glazes PC-59 Deep Firebrick and PC-49 Frosted Melon.

185. Strontium Blue Bronze (^6 oxidation) 1 Lithium Carbonate 20 Strontium Carbonate 60 Nepheline Syenite 10 Ball Clay 9 Silica (Flint) —- ...

Oatmeal over Iron Lustre (Angelika Prager)

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