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10 Things I Learned About Health in Nicaragua

Dan Graham, Two-way Mirror Cylinder Inside Cube and a Video Salon, installation view, 1991. -view interview at

My Interview in Highlife Magazine Amsterdam Part 2/4 Translated from original interview by Peter van Sparrentak in Dutch - And she has been joined by a cat ... What is the role of the cat? "That's new! It is a male cat more a person than an animal. They do things together as a duo. That is also a side of myself related to partnerships and my dream team. Cats are independent creatures and cant be told where to go and what to do but they can be and remain loyal partners for a lifetime. How…

My Interview in Highlife Magazine Amsterdam Part 4/4 Translated from original interview by Peter van Sparrentak in Dutch You've recently come back from a tour in Asia where you painted in the streets the rooftop of the Reggae bar a Japanese hotel and a guesthouse. "Yes I basically went in Asia for a month and then went back for almost a year. I have been in Thailand Indonesia (Jakarta) Malaysia and Cambodia. On a stop to Bangkok I also painted in Shanghai. In Phnom Penh I painted a lot in…

Why the hashtag #CoverTheAthlete is relevant as ever in RioOlympian Katie Ledecky poses with her medals. Image: Getty Images By Jerico MandyburAustralia2016-08-18 04:13:46 UTC #CoverTheAthlete is a hashtag that (sadly) could be relevant for a long time. Launched last year it was created in response to sexist commentary in everyday sports reporting and it has only gained traction on social media as the Rio Olympics continue on. Australian tennis commentator Ian Cohen unwittingly spawned…



Two issues of the RCA journal Ark (now called ARC) on which Alan Rickman worked while a post graduate graphic design student at the RCA in the late 1960s and worked on issues #45 and #46 (1969 and 1970) of the journal as the copy editor. He also wrote articles in each one – an interview with Jim Haynes and a piece called Child’s Play where he spent a day as a supervisor in a children’s play park.

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The 'perfect, pitiless, Nazi': German soldiers' confessions reveal how troops driven by bloodlust killed innocent civilians for fun

'I liked to shoot everything - women, kids... it was sport': Germany shocked by Secret Nazi tapes that reveal how ordinary troops were behind war crimes - not just the SS


My Interview in Highlife Magazine Amsterdam Part 1/4 Translated from original interview by Peter van Sparrentak in Dutch Anthea Missy flowing forms and a positive message (scroll down for NL) Anthea Missy is an artist from Brussels with French roots. She manages to stand out with her own style of flowing organic forms and figures with a positive message. In response to the recent attacks you made a Brussels Mural called Love Bomb: "Coincidentally on that day I wanted to take a train to…

MFL Podcast 46: Interview with Dr. Layne Norton on preserving muscle while cutting and more | Muscle For Life