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I'm not gonna make it. I can't ... broken and falling apart , can't breath , have anixtey attacks every other min and lose it, and can't catch my breath ... wtf am I supposed to do .....

FATHER SON HOLY SPIRIT and our blessed mother Mary,you couldn't get a more beautiful picture.

Look at Dan in the 10th one,look how precious he looks

All that I hope is in him.

Thank you for ALWAYS having my back and revealing to me the things I should walk from & towards. Direct my path. I walk by faith & you have NEVER led me astray. Anytime I have experienced troubles is because I interfered with your plans for me. I now understand to be still and listen and you will light my path that will be filled with grace and mercy on my journey. Thank you!

Useful, restful peaceful fruitful

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I am a princess

oh I needed this....I'm putting this everywhere, on my mirror, my planner, my wrist, everywhere....