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Thanks to a new life on a farm for rescue Pugs, this sweet senior Pug no longer has the frequent seizures rescuers believe were the result of previous abuse. | Lucky Puppy

it's easy to feel like the world is just too big of a place and it's too hard to truly make a difference in it. Don't despair though, we will prove to you that with kindness, generosity and love you can make ALL the difference in someone's life...This retriever mix was emaciated, almost to the point of death, when rescued. You can count the ribs on the poor dog's body. After months of love, food and companionship from a family, the dog flourished. Its coat is shiny and the eyes are…

Η αγάπη τον έκανε αγνώριστο: Δείτε τη συγκλονιστική μεταμόρφωση αυτού του σκύλου

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Stunning German shepherd adopted and then returned just one day later - National Dogs |

a sick mother chimpanzee died, leaving her baby behind as an orphan. A zoo employee took her orphan baby home, knowing that it would need attention during the early stages of its life. The employee knew the baby needed attention, but they didn't realize it would be adopted into a brand new family - of dogs!..The momma dog just had a litter of pups, so her maternal instinct was strong. As soon as she saw the baby chimp, she wanted to care for was accepted immediately into the family. :)

The two dogs snuggling together are both disabled. One dog is blind and the other id deaf.."The larger dog, Tank is blind," "The smaller dog, Mozart, is deaf."The owner was hesitant to adopt the rescue dogs together because they weren't sure how the disabled dogs would get along. Because of their sensory limitations,Luckily, the dogs get along like they have been best friends all of their lives! Dogs never judge - if only we could learn to be as compassionate and unprejudiced as a dog!

In the Jiangsu Province in China, animal rescuers paid $8,000 to buy all the dogs who were already in a truck on its way to the slaughterhouse. They posted this photo on Facebook after bringing all the rescued dogs to the Ping An A Fu stray animal rescue.

Dakota is one special Labradoodle. Day after day, he hangs out at the pool with the swim team. He is a service dog that is there to keep his owner, Ben Ownby, safe. he has Type 1 diabetes. That means he must manually inject insulin seven to eight times a day. He can't even use monitors because he is allergic to adhesives..The dog can detect Ben's blood sugar levels and know when he is in danger. When they're high, Dakota tugs on a bracelet and when they are low, Dakota will jump on top of…

Roxy the fox was found dangling off a bridge with a rope around her neck, but since she was rescued, she's been enjoying a "dog's life". She chews on bones, chases balls, and loves going for walks with dogs at the wildlife sanctuary she calls home.