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"Religious pretenders" - It’s so easy to let hypocritical attitudes creep into our hearts and allow ourselves to become religious pretenders. We may look good on the outside, but have hearts full of envy, greed, anger, worry, and self-righteousness. In the process we lose the joy of our salvation and find ourselves just going through the motions of the Christian life. (read more)

"Basics of the Christian Life: a Checklist" - All of God’s Word is valuable for teaching us to live a God-honoring life, but today’s New Testament reading contains a great synopsis of the basics of the Christian life. Also read about God’s incredible patience and the reason God may be allowing some unpleasant circumstances in our lives.

"Don't lose heart, cave in or give up!" - Do you feel discouraged in some area? Feel like caving in or giving up? Don’t lose heart! God is faithful. Wait on Him. Learn more.

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50 Inspirational Quotes That Every-One Should Read

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"What's the Condition of Your Heart?" What kind of soil is your heart? Is it the hard, often trod, wayside where it’s hard for truth to take root? Have you allowed the birds to come and snatch away the seeds because they never penetrated to soil? Is it rocky ground? Do you let trouble and persecution keep the seed from growing and taking root? Are you more worried about what others might think? Maybe the ground of your heart is crowded with thorns ... February 23 - Soul Survival

"Just a Christian Veneer?" How deep is your Christianity? Is it just a Christian veneer or is it who you are? How do you respond to God’s dealings with you? Do you pray and read your Bible only when the heat is on and stop once the pressure is off? Have you added a little “Christianity” to your life without truly making Jesus Lord? - June 15 - Soul Survival

"National Sin & Restraining Grace" - In Jeremiah’s day God removed His restraining grace and let sin run its course because of their ongoing rebellion. Is it possible we are seeing that played out in our country, as well, and what should be the response of our hearts?