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Orange Patchouli Solid Perfume

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I will be making this solid perfume shortly. Wanted to share the site because there are other great "recipes" for DIY beauty products...

Solid Perfume Recipes with Essential Oils

Solid Perfume Recipes with Essential Oils (2 recipes for you to enjoy)!- Scratch Mommy

Remember the solid fragrance compacts from Coty Sweet Earth from the 1970s? Now these compacts have been re-manufactured using the same formulas as the originals. (See photo above.) Each compact contains three solid fragrances.

Homemade Brown Sugar Scrub Bars

Easy Homemade Brown Sugar Scrub Bars - body scrub in a solid form. Great for exfoliation and makes a wonderful gift!

Solid Bubble Bath Recipe

Solid Bubble Bath Recipe 1.5 Cup Sodium Bicarbonate 1.5 Cup Cream of Tartar 1.5 Cup Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) 3/4 Cup Liquid Soap Concentrate Patchouli Essential Oil 10x Orange Essential Oil Rose Absolute Oil

Patchouli plant=automatic hippy. If I had this, I would start keeping bees, so I could make my own beeswax and add patchouli oil to it and make a ton of stuff, like soap, and shampoo, and solid perfume, and incense, and air fresheners, and general purpose cleaner, and dog perfume, and toilet drops, and candles a bunch of other stuff... ton of stuff... TON!