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Through this door lies hope revived. Beyond this door is the resurrection of all the dreams you once had and thought had died. Continue to gaze as this door as long as you need to. Eventually you will feel it. ...did you feel it? That was the last butterfly your body had, and it just flitted weakly in your stomach. Because in the room beyond this door, your life begins again.

Le temps du lila -Gorgeous weathered door with original hardware. We have a place in Mendocino where we can buy old doors and hardware - a groovy place to browse and buy.

red door..colored bricks..very imaginative

Going to do this with my brick fireplace - not necessarily the door and window (though that is a neat idea) but just to break up the monotony of my painted brick! This idea, I LOVE!

‘Will you walk into my parlour?’ said the Spider to the Fly, ‘Tis the prettiest little parlour that ever you did spy...’

Previous pinner's comments to good to delete: "There's deftly a space in my heart for the shabby glam. Look at those mirrored doors! And the distressed colors! greige: interior design ideas and inspiration for the transitional home.

Imagine: Cool Door Knob

Door knockers can be found on front doors all over Europe. When you walk up to a front door and see one, don't you just have to use it? Anyone out there have a knocker on their front door?

Alice In Wonderland door knob. Freaking cute would totally have this for my front door lol by elisa

Funny pictures about Magical Alice In Wonderland doorknob. Oh, and cool pics about Magical Alice In Wonderland doorknob. Also, Magical Alice In Wonderland doorknob.

What an entrance!

Another really beautiful Art Nouveau door. It's a tree, but the cool part is that the branches continue into the stone work surrounding the door- Emile André from Nancy, France -created in

will make this when i dont care if i gain 5 lbs

Love keys + this crystal doorknob. (wish i could've saved all of our vintage crystal door knobs and keys back home.

Why doors intrigue me so much...I have no clue

This could go on several of my boards. There& that wonderful turquoise blue again and the ancient stone walls. Love those big boulders blocking the door. This has got to be Greece.