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Polarlichter und blaue Polarregion: "Juno" schickt spektakuläre Bilder vom Jupiter

The bright light at the end of this country road is actually a remarkably close conjunction of two planets. After sunset on August 27 brilliant Venus and Jupiter almost appear as a single celestial beacon in the night skyscape taken near Lake Wivenhoe, Queensland, Australia. A spectacular vertical panorama from the southern hemisphere, it shows the central Milky Way near zenith, posed on top of a pillar of Zodiacal light along the ecliptic plane.

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from PBS NewsHour

Jupiter's moon blasts water, indicates potential for life

The discovery of water vapor shooting from Jupiter's ice-covered moon, caught by the Hubble Space Telescope, indicates potential life. See more with @Newshour 24 24 24 24 24.