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LVC1820-3112-HI 18" X 20" HI VACUUM CHAMBER - Vacuum chambers are an essential part of any vacuum system. Customize your vacuum chamber by adding a pump, vacuum hoses and a vacuum controller for a complete vacuum system ready for your application.

This custom high vacuum chamber was built for a technology institute for researching nano-scale devices for solar energy. The vacuum chamber features a 24" stainless steel cube design, custom vacuum ports, view ports, and feedthroughs. The chamber is rated for vacuum levels down to 10^-6 Torr. Find out more about our vacuum chamber solutions: #vacuumchamber #vacuumchambers #vacuum #nanotechnology #solar #solarenergy #nanodevice #vacuumtechnology

Vacuum Chamber for Analytical Instrumentation.

Custom vacuum chamber made for a university. See more vacuum chambers on our website: #vacuumchamber