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1'Pastilla is one of the most popular Moroccan dishes, it's a spicy, savory, sweet Moroccan chicken pie, composed of many buttery thin layers of pastry, enclosing eggs, chicken, almonds, topped with cinnamon and powdered sugar. It combines sweet and salty flavors. Pastilla can be made with chicken, pigeons or seafood


Bisteeya (Moroccan chicken and almond filo pie)

Bisteeya [Moroccan Chicken and Almond Filo Pie] Crumbly filo pastry encases the spicy chicken and almond mixture in this traditional Moroccan pie.

M'hancha is a traditional Moroccan pastry consisted of fillo dough sheets and almond paste perfumed with cinnamon and orange blossom water. There are several sorts of M'hancha,and most of moroccans prepare just before the month of Ramadan, because the Moroccan families like to have it on the table after fasting.

Beghrir are tender Moroccan pancakes made from semolina flour. Yeast in the crepe-like batter causes hundreds of bubbles to form and break on the surface of each pancake as it cooks. This gives beghrir its unique texture and appearance.

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Moroccan Recipes with Orange Flower Water

Almond Briouats These popular Moroccan cookies are made by folding almond paste flavored with orange flower water and cinnamon within warqa dough. The pastries are fried and then soaked briefly in honey. Almond Briouats are commonly served at both special occasions and casual tea times.

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How to Make Sellou with Step by Step Photos

"Sellou" is a unique Moroccan sweet made from toasted sesames, fried almonds and flour that has been browned in the oven. It is traditionally served in Ramadan and for special occasions.

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Bomboloni: italian cherry doughnuts

italian pastry cream doughnuts