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What deadly animal are you?

♂ Amazing nature wild life photography animals white Lioness and her cubs More

This man came to visit his pet tiger after he had been released into the wild. The tiger ran to greet him with huge hugs and even introduced him to his mate. Like Christian the lionnnn!!!

tiger, kitten, big cat, cub, predator

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13 Examples Of Taxidermy Gone Terribly Wrong

Beautiful Ocelot - Visit - fine artist and printmaker for more beautiful artwork! Reproduction prints inspired by the outdoors - flowers, animals, landscapes...

For a double dose of cute, roll out the big cat photo.

from WIRED

Even the Gorillas and Bears in Our Zoos Are Hooked on Prozac

* * " Dat beez a lie.cuz ifs I wuz ons Prozac; I wouldn't beez depressed. I woulds nevers takes it; buts ams bummin' cuz I iz ins a zoo."

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