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The Adventures of a Plastic Bottle: A Story About Recycling (Little Green) by Alison Inches,

Simple Solution Extreme Stain and Odor Remover, 32-Ounce Spray Bottle Bramton Company

Bottle Bank Arcade - - Many of us return our plastic bottles and cans. Noticeably fewer recycle their glass. Maybe that's because we don't get any money in return, as we do for cans and plastic. Can we change this attitude by making recycling glass fun to do? So you are not just rewarded with a good conscience, you also get a smile. See the results here.

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Wine2Go - Foldable Wine Bottle Flask

The cool new Wine2Go is a reusable, flexible, and highly portable flask that holds an entire bottle of your favorite wine and folds up to save valuable space when empty. This convenient vino container is made from BPA-free plastic, holds 750 ml, has a leakproof cap, and is perfect for camping, tailgating, sporting events, concerts, parties, hiking, boating, or anywhere you can get it into. Best of all, no empty glass bottles to worry about. @thegreenhead

Great for Joshuas Senory area in his room!! Calming bottle--> Plastic bottle full of toothpicks and dry rice ( can use food coloring to color the rice)--> sounds like rain

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Vintage Coca Cola bottle carrier, Coke, soft drink, red, container

1970's PLASTIC Coca-Cola bottle caddy. Used to always try and get the bottles packed in these,

A little mom & pop convenience store had a Coke box that you put the money in and trailed the bottle around a maze til you got it to the gate to pull out. Those 6 oz. bottles had so much carbonation in them that they would burn your nose when you took a drink. They were kept so cold that the top 1/2" of the drink was frozen. Yummmy!

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10 Things To Put In An Adult Piñata

10 Things To Put In An Adult Pinata 1. Gift Cards: 2. Childish Toys/Snacks: 3. Plastic Mini Bottles: 4. Bottle Openers: 5. Guitar Picks: 6. Movie Tickets: 7. Lottery Tickets: 8. Gum: 9. Tea Bags: 10. Decks of Cards:

They need to do this at gas pumps. I don't know how many times I've turned in soda bottles to get gas money.