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Gâteau rustique aux pommes

Recette - Gâteau rustique aux pommes - Notée 4.5/5 par les internautes

Lemon Cornmeal Cake with Candied Lemons. Toma la version de Design Sponge y agrega detalles. Muy buena descripcion de como confitar los limones.

Venetian Zabaglione Cake

This is my adaptation of a cake still served in the famous Harry’s Bar in Venice. You can eat it sipping a Bellini cocktail or with coffee at any time of day. But for me, lunch in the restaurant with this as a dessert has always been a sublime treat.

Gâteau Basque: 1egg 1 tbsppouring cream For dusting:icing sugar To serve:preserved sour cherries Almond pastry300 gm caster sugar 275 gmsoftened butter Finely grated rindof 1 orange Finely grated rindof 1 lemon Scraped seedsof ½ vanilla bean 1 tsporange-blossom water 2eggs 1egg yolk 350 gmplain flour 100 gmalmond meal 1½ tspbaking powder Armagnac cream300 mlmilk Scraped seedsof 1 vanilla bean 2 pieces eachlemon and orange rind, removed with a peeler 3egg yolks 100 gmcaster sugar 30 gmplain…