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Snow inside where is snow outside!? Hung different size flakes from dollar store made mobile off chandelier.

Let it snow! Make believe until then! Took a board hung only flakes on it hung between two trees. 2014 merlinsowl

Guest bathroom, cut out a dollar store decoration and pushed it through the faucet spout, fun laughter heard from the room!

Had to cut tree in yard down. Saved a branch and hung pairs of socks etc. Later added snow flake lights. Made packages out of cardboard and wrapped with cellophane lasted well! Merlinsowl.

Think outside the box, it's a flag stapled on door.

3/4 wall by my sink perfect for hot curlers, close up mirror. Pier1 mirrors, Ikea cabs roll out drawers really deep, antique handles I painted silver, ikea sinks and Ikea table cut up to make center vanity. ($4.99) I know! Ikea chandelier and Ikea shelves added to make soffit interesting and increase the look of high ceilings. Merlinsowl.

Ugh oh studio expanding into hallway! Needed somewhere to store my repurposed sculptures.

Close up, ikea glass shelves above sink holds Qtip containers etc. Humor aspect: Mr and Mrs sign, gave larger sink to hubby he likes room. Remember don't matchy match, his and her sinks don't need to be same size, especially with tiny spaces like mine. Found on net antique drawer pulls and I painted them silver (I liked they had porcelain to match sinks) . Sinks from Ikea (they are shallow but work). Love the lip edges, didn't need back or side splashes with them. Pier1 mirrors. Forget hand…

Found frames in garbage, painted and added leaves, hung one tall and wide off tree for family photo ops and low small one from tree for kids at fall Fest.