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How to Keep a Vacuum Cleaner Smelling Fresh

When you think of all the things they come into contact with, it's no wonder vacuum cleaners begin to smell bad over time. Pet hair, dander, dried mud, dead bugs, food particles -- all these things sit in your vacuum's dirt cup or bag, growing smellier and smellier. When you use your vacuum, air is forced through the dirt cup or bag, back out into...

25 Cheap and Easy Meals for College Students – Way Better than Dorm Food!

Chicken Alfredo Biscuit Casserole

You've been peeling an orange wrong. Here's how to peel an orange the quick and easy way.

Making House a Home. Realistic cleaning schedule for people who can't devote all day every day to doing a different set of chores.

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DIY Pest Control. List of chemicals the pest control companies use and where to buy them for way less. Do it yourself and save big time. No more bugs!