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Muslim Imam in Tennessee PREACHES “Jews & Christians are Filthy, Their Lives & Property can be Taken in Jihad by Muslims” in America - Molon Labe if you dare. 4.24.14

It's hard to believe that there are any radical Muslim feminists since all we seem to see in the media is the oppression and abuse of women in Muslim society

MUST WATCH: Radical Islam In America - if you still believe Islam is "just like any other religion" and buy into Jihad being a "spiritual struggle", you MUST watch this video. Islam is a problem and a threat to the entire civilized world. Spread the word. WRITE YOUR LEGISLATORS!. NOTE. Wake up Americans

All Muslims want their laws here, Moderate muslims,peaceful muslims, and radical muslims..ALL want Islam to be the only religion here and around the world...

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15 Photos Of Libyans Apologizing To Americans