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Then and now- WWE's Erik Rowan action figure and a posed photo from 10 years ago when he started pro wrestling. Back then he was known as Thoruf Marius.

During an interview with Bill Apter of 1Wrestling, former WWE and WCW wrestler Diamond Dallas Page mentioned that he would seriously consider returning to WWE if they offered him an angle with Randy Orton for the RKO vs. Diamond Cutter…

"That's a straight up shoot. The amazing thing about it, that was just the pain pills. That did not count the Somas, the Xanax,the Halcion, the Valium. I would take it at night to try to knock myself out." –The Patriot (Del Wilkes), on taking 120 pills per day, 15-20 at a time; The Steve Austin Show #232 (6/25/15)