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Oh my god I just need to find someone as obsessed with death and serial killers as I am and we can have the day there together. I hate museums but this seems amazing. Fuck you bitch who left me and now doesn't get to enjoy his with me. Fuck fuck fuck.

HAHAHAHA , I love these #thanksgivingwithbts memes ❤️❤️❤️❤️ they just keep cracking me up

He's lookin like "Bitch tf did you just say"

I just watched this today and let me tell you his hyungs were like 'O.O wtf Taehyung'

she mad<<< no she's just sad *hears g note* gotta dash

Anyone else refreshing YouTube every 20 seconds to see in PINOF 8 has been uploaded? Just me? Ok....

[[Everyone told me that you was just the same]]

"[[Everyone told me that you was just the same]]" by babygirl-10 ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring UGG Australia, Gorgeous Cosmetics, Topshop and Betsey Johnson

I love Jason, and I love Percy's bromance with him, but Grover is still his best friend and no one will convince me otherwise.

The video made me cry and also seeing jungkook crying for taehyng while he was trying to keep it together just tipped me over the edge