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I hate it when you know someone is a bitch but everyone else is like "oh no they're not" and you're just like "oh you wait honey"

Something tells me I know more about islam than he knows about science. Just a hunch... -

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Nice Person

I'm actually a nice person, you just annoy me!

meabhd: “I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t hugely inspired by @projectnelm‘s Manorian drawing! But this was a lot of fun! ” You just killed me with this

Obastard is the traitor in chief, killary is the treasonous bitch in chief......

Dean's sarcasm makes me [5.03 / 11.08 ] Free to Be You and Me / Just My Imagination ⠀⠀⠀<<< idk what you're talking about but the bottom scenes are from either season 6 or 7 cause those are the seasons I'm on (cause I'm watching it from start to finish rn) and I *just* watched that episode sooo...

He really is!!! Bruce is the one who will destroy the tower and when Colson comes in all "WTF?!?!?" Bruce just goes "It wasn't me..." and walks away, and Tony gets blamed.

This part from EoS had me giggling like a maniac because I just want Aelin and Manon to be the best bros ever

I don't need a boyfriend to keep me warm in the winter. The fires of hell will do just fine.