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I am not falling apart. I miss you. And I'm angry that your truth platform was applied to us. Not to you now. "Planted in shadows". Really? Double standard. And WE were meant to be. You promised. Said NO ONE but me completed you.

Because it’s a New Year & I’m older…

Fate comes from the Latin word Fatum . which basically has the same definition in English as in Latin. The meaning of the word is: outcome is predetermined a person has no choice in determining their own outcome in life. Destiny is another definition In ancient Greece and Rome the Fates were worshiped as three Goddesses. Many English words that begin with fate are derived from this word and the worship of the Fates. Fatal, fatalism, fatalistic etc....A good example of fate is Oedipus Rex…

what doesnt kill you makes you stronger, and if it happens again, then yes the chances of it killing you double, but it will make you three times as strong

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