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▫️Jesus Christ is my Savior ▫️Savannah Soutas is my love ▫️This is my story : thesupercole ✉️: :New Youtube video

Sabrina Carpenter just released the beautiful #OnPurpose music video! You can watch it here:

I'm not trying to ruin anyone's hopes and dreams but Phil could've easily had Flour on his hand and rested his hand on his waist. We all know Phil does weird things with his hands and it's nothing new. Sorry but some people need to calm down with this shipping thing like oh my god not everything is Phan proof.

If you have any free time you should check out my YouTube account. I just started out! My username is unialpaca!

(FC: Eva Gutowski ) (intro?) Hey my name is Eva. I'm very bubbly and I love fashion, I love to make new friends and I make videos and Instagram/Twitter posts. Check me out.

Pink Charlie the Unicorn T-Shirt

Pink Charlie the Unicorn T-Shirt *Pink Charlie the Unicorn T-Shirt *100% Cotton *Based off a popular YouTube video *Small V cut into collar *Cute casual shirt, pairs great with a chambray shirt over it Please feel free to make an offer or ask questions! Tell me what you want to pay! You never know if I'll accept unless you try! (I'll probably accept) xoxo Karlynn Tops Tees - Short Sleeve

YEAS YEAS YEAS i want them to do this. I mean sure I would literally pass out if I was just watching PINOF and then Dan just kissed Phil, but id literally love it so XD