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Torre de la Rauda, Alhambra, Granada


Puerta del Vino, Alhambra, Granada

Government: Rise to greatness began with Cyrus about 559 BC: after years of rule by the Medes, the Persians were united by Cyrus (ruled 559-530 BC), who became king of a small Persian tribe in 559BC. He first overthrew the Medes and then began the conquest of an empire larger than any previous one. It united the Persian areas with the ancient Mesopotamian.

The decorations within the palaces typified the remains of Moorish dominion within Spain and ushered in the last great period of Andalusi...

The Parador of Granada is a small four star hotel in a fifteenth century convent which is part of the famous Palace of Alhambra - holy god, for $250/night I could stay IN the Alhambra!!!

from Decor Fácil

95+ Quartos de casal pequenos e simples decorados

Móveis 2 em 1 sempre são muito bem vindos quando o assunto é economia de espaço. Essa cama já adaptada com uma área de trabalho é genial!!!

Salon de Embajadores, La Alhambra-Granada....mi tierra!