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Some people have already accomplished this list. I don't think I ever will  but I'm still proud to be a dirctioner. I can settle for that.

I'm not giving up. not losing hope.for all of us Directioners who stick with them we'll get it.

Yes, please. (But this time they better come to my city, as I missed them on the TMH tour and they missed me on the WWA tour)>>i really want them to tour together again

Yes please. I have reasons why because most of us love them already and we can't get attached to ANOTHER band and they are really good friends with each other

ok i love one direction but they shouldn't put Justin Bieber in the mix come on

I am fine with zen kissing nialler. Rather zayn than son other girl who is not me. (Hahahahaha I called zayn a girl!

The story of my life ❤️❤️❤️

Love this video love this video love this video love this song Story of my Life. Go wath it! Help break the record! Love this video