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Dr. Mark Hyman

There is no better time than NOW to start living healthy. Great motivation quote and so so true.

Lessen the pain

The pain of being overweight is far worse than the pain of working out. No excuses. Just Live Fit.

Daily motivation

Daily motivation (25 photos)

One workout, one new good habit, one healthy choice ect.... at a time :)

No Excuses! Motivational Quotes to Get You Moving

just focus on one pound at a time. have a hundred pounds to lose? one step is always a great starting point for a healthier lifestyle

Motivational Fitness Quotes Photo 11

No Excuses! Motivational Quotes to Get You Moving

to goal! The last little bit is the hardest. Gotta remind myself its one day at a time. One pound at a time!

..and with THAT, I must go do some gardening!!  ;)

I have learned to love it when I sweat because that means I am burning calories and getting out all of the bad toxins in my body! - Pins For Your Health